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A dental filling treats a cavity and most people need to have at least one filling in their lifetime. Fortunately, a tooth filling is a relatively painless process and can easily be handled at our East Hanover, New Jersey office. To perform the treatment, our dentists first numb the area around the tooth, to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the procedure, and then remove the decayed portion of the tooth to prevent further damage. Next, the empty cavity of the tooth is filled in, where the damaged portion had been, with restoration material that is then shaped and polished to fit seamlessly into your bite.

Tooth fillings are available in a variety of materials, including composite resin (plastic), ceramic (porcelain), and gold. At Dental Care East Hanover, we work with each patient to decide which type of filling and process would be the best and least invasive option for him/her. The end result is a dental filling that maximizes comfort and effectiveness, leaving you looking and feeling great, inside and out. Call our office at (973) 975-0309 to learn more.