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If you notice that you have a particularly “gummy” smile or that your teeth are a little too long, t’s time to visit the periodontists at Dental Care East Hanover. Not only can we help you reshape your gum line to get your ideal smile, but we can also work with your general dentist right here in our East Hanover office to guarantee a quality finished product.

Gummy Smile

gummyIf you feel that your teeth are too short and too much of your gums are exposed, you likely have what is considered to be a “gummy” smile. Or, maybe you simply have an uneven gum line that you would like to have corrected.

Whatever the reason may be, a crown lengthening procedure is a simple treatment option that can eliminate both of these issues. To perform a crown lengthening procedure, our periodontist removes excess tissue from the gums in order to expose more of the tooth’s “crown.” The gum line is also expertly sculpted during the process to help improve the appearance of your smile. This procedure can also set the stage for any future restorations that may eventually be needed, such as crowns or veneers.

Exposed Roots or Long Teeth

A receding gum line can make you look older than you are. When the gum line recedes, it exposes the tooth roots and gives teeth an unusually elongated appearance that can easily age your face.

Exposed roots also put you at greater risk of developing cavities on the roots of your teeth. Root coverage procedures, such as soft tissue grafts that cover exposed roots, can help to reduce gum recession while protecting your vulnerable roots from decaying and safeguarding your teeth against cavities.


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