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Root Canals

Root Canal

When a tooth becomes infected, there are only two options that can properly treat the situation: either remove the entire tooth or remove the infected pulp of the tooth through the root canal. A root canal procedure removes the infected pulp from the central part of the tooth and then shapes the remaining pulp, filling it with a resin sealer to keep bacteria from re-infiltrating the tooth.

Once this process is completed, the tooth can be restored back to its ideal form, function, and appearance.

A root canal procedure may be a necessary solution if you have:

  • Inflamed/infected tooth pulp
  • Extreme pain to hot and cold elements
  • Severe decay of the tooth
  • Severely chipped or broken tooth
  • Injury to the tooth
  • Multiple dental procedures on a tooth


Our dental specialists at Dental Care East Hanover take pride in the exceptional care that we provide our patients and utilize a state-of-the-art computer-controlled system to facilitate the root canal process to ensure the best quality restoration treatment.