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Temporary Crowns

Temporary Crown Problems

Having a loose temporary crown, or having a crown fall out, can be a disconcerting feeling. Along with that unsettled feeling, it can also be painful, as now the exposed tooth is sensitive to hot and cold foods, chewing — and even air.

Temporary crowns are important because they protect the tooth from plaque and germ contamination, and they also hold the tooth in place until the permanent crown can be placed. When it falls off, you run the risk of your teeth moving and shifting, which could cause the permanent crown to no longer fit properly.

So what should you do if it falls off?

First, save the crown and immediately make an appointment to see your dentist at Dental Care East Hanover where they can re-cement the crown back in place. Next, if you do have the crown, there are steps you can take to temporarily secure it back into place. Check and see if it still fits on the tooth, and if so, simply be aware of the placement and chew on the other side of your mouth until you can see the dentist.

If it no longer fits securely, you can purchase over-the-counter denture adhesive and apply a small amount of the cream underside of crown, placing it over the tooth, and gently biting down.

While that will temporarily resolve the situation, it’s critical that you call the Dental Care East Hanover office at (973) 975-0309 so you can come back in and get it re-cemented.