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Dr. Amanda Hochstein is a distinguished board-certified periodontist, leading the way in providing exceptional dental care at Dental Care East Hanover. With an impressive educational background, she earned her dental degree from the prestigious Columbia University. Recognizing her passion for periodontics, she furthered her expertise by completing specialty training in periodontics at New York University.

Dr. Hochstein’s dedication to her field extends beyond her practice. As an accomplished expert, she has shared her knowledge and experience by lecturing on various periodontal topics at both national and local events. Her commitment to advancing the field of periodontology is also evident through her active role as a board member of the esteemed Northeastern Society of Periodontists.

Within the practice, Dr. Hochstein is renowned for her mastery of specialty periodontal procedures. Whether it’s skillfully performing implant placements, sinus augmentation, bone regeneration, or gum grafting, her patients can trust her expertise to deliver excellent results.

Despite her professional achievements, Dr. Hochstein remains grounded and compassionate. Her caring nature and genuine concern for her patient’s well-being make her an approachable and understanding healthcare provider. Outside of her practice, she cherishes her time spent with her loving husband Greg, and their two children, finding joy in the balance between her professional and personal life.

Dr. Amanda Hochstein’s dedication to patient care, continued education, and contributions to her field make her a respected figure in the world of periodontics. Her patients, colleagues, and the entire dental community value her expertise and genuine care as she continues to leave a positive impact on the lives she touches.

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