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Braces: They’re not Just for Kids

Braces: They’re not Just for Kids If you didn’t have braces when you were a kid, or you weren’t diligent about wearing your retainers, you might be considering getting braces as an adult. And you’re not alone – more and more adults are seeking out orthodontic treatment.  However, there are still many myths out there […]

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What Exactly Are Dental Sealants for Kids?

What Exactly Are Dental Sealants for Kids? While establishing good brushing and flossing habits is a well-known way to prevent cavities and maintain good oral hygiene in children, parents may not know about another valuable tool in fighting cavities – dental sealants. So what exactly are dental sealants, and how do they help keep your […]

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Dental Health and the Holiday Season

Dental Health and the Holiday Season As the holidays approach, it’s easy to get caught up in eating delicious treats like cookies, pies, candy and cakes.  However, those sweet treats can do a number on your oral health, especially if you overindulge. So what’s a holiday-loving, dental health conscious person to do? Here are the […]

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Top 10 Worst Foods and Beverages for Your Teeth

Top 10 Worst Foods and Beverages for Your Teeth We all know that your diet directly impacts your health, but have you ever thought about how what you eat and drink affects your teeth and gums? Here’s a look at the 10 top worst foods for your oral health and a few tips on how […]

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Are Teeth Whitening Strips Worth It?

Are Teeth Whitening Strips Worth It? Teeth whitening is a multi-billion dollar industry, and there are many over-the-counter options available. However, it’s hard to determine which treatment is right for you or if they are even worth it at all. While you may be looking for a DIY method to whiten dull or yellowed teeth, […]

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Dental Benefits 2021

Your dental benefits have been replenished! Your benefits have reset for 2021! You have insurance company funds to spend on your dental care. Many patients get up to $2,000 in benefits towards treatment and 2 FREE cleanings! No insurance, No problem, we offer an adult cleaning for $99 and a child cleaning for $77. Have […]

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Dental Benefits Expire on 12/31/20……only 90 days to use them!

It’s hard to believe 2020 is almost over.  But then again we know a lot of us are looking forward to starting fresh in 2021.    Remember as the ball drops on December 31st your insurance benefits, which include of up to $2,000 towards dental treatment and two free cleanings per calendar year, expire too.  Unfortunately they don’t […]

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CDC Reports “Zero COVID transmissions in Dental Offices”

For decades dental offices have practiced what is known in the healthcare profession as Universal Precautions.  OSHA defines this as “An approach to infection control to treat all human blood and fluids as if they were known to be infectious for HIV, Hepatitis and other pathogens.”   This approach has not only kept patients and team members […]

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